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Monday to Saturday: 8am – 10am | 4pm – 6pm
Sunday: 4pm – 6pm

Monday to Saturday: 8am – 10am | 4pm – 6pm
Sunday: 4pm – 6pm

Terms and Conditions


All cats must be fully vaccinated within the last two years.  A certificate from your vet or the pet vaccination record book verifying this is required on arrival. 

Fleas and worms

Please ensure your cat has been treated for and is free from fleas and worms prior to their visit.  If we need to treat your cat for these there will be a charge for this.


We reserve the right to make suitable arrangements for any cat left in our care if contact is not made by the owner or their representative by 14 days after the agreed collection date or after due notice in writing has been given. This will not release the client from liability for any unpaid fees or collection charges.

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